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If you are a student in a school or university in Cameroon or abroad, NOIAA through its internship program, offers you the opportunity to test your theoretical knowledge in a real life professional situation.

Academic internships :
These are aimed at opening students to real life professional situations. It also offers them the opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge in a professional setting.

Compiling Application file

  • An internship application file sent by the applicants themselves or by their institution;
  • A certificate of school attendance certifying that the student is duly enrolled in a higher academic institution;
  • An internship agreement setting out the terms and conditions which the student shall be subject to during the internship period.

Internship period
Each year, academic internships run from February to November.

Vacation Placements:
These are aimed at making students busy during vacation by offering them the opportunity to experience real life professional situations.

Compiling Application file

  • A Vacation Placement application file sent by the applicants themselves and addressed to the General Manager or directly to the Department of Human Resources;
  • A certificate of school attendance certifying that the student is at least enrolled in the final year of high school.

Vacation Placement Period
Each year, vacation placements run between July and August. Each retained intern shall have a maximum internship period of one month in order to accommodate a maximum number of young people.


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