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NickCery  Group International Services Plc is a subsidiary of NickCery Conglomerate based in Houston 77057 (6250 West Park  Suite 218 ) Texas, USA.

We are specialized in the provision of manpower and safety trainings to onshore and offshore installations.

NickCery  was founded by Nick Johnson in 1979 in Houston Texas USA.
The aim of the company as was initially envisaged by the founder was to render services to corporate bodies in some parts of the world. The domains short listed at its inception were in areas Safety training for under water sea men. In 1987 the first foreign office was opened in Panama and operations gradually expanded to cover safety for industrial workers as well.

The name of the company was changed to NickCery Group  International Services LLc.Over the years as world industrial operations rapidly envolved and the need to ensure the safety of workers increased in industry. NickCery International Services became very global in its outlook. The company’s Zero Incidence rate and thoroughness in its training programs attracted Invitations to train workers of multi-national companies operating mostly in Africa and the Middle East.

For over 33 years NickCery Group has been a recruiting agent for corporations and has supplied labour technicians in a wide range of fields, off/on shore, deep sea divers, marine, logistics and diving services to ports, on 4 continents.


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