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NOIAA Ltd Africa Operations trains Total Cameroon S.A. on First Aid at Work

 With the news of NOIAA CORP (National Offshore Institute of Australia & America Corporation) haven bought over the services of NickCery Conglomerate Inc., TOTAL Cameroon SA thought it wise to be the first to benefit from the services of this multinational on/offshore Maritime safety training company that has come to add more value to the services rendered by NickCery; there by offering them their first contract in safety training. The First Aid at Work training ran throughout the month of August 2017 and ended with a final assessment graded on a positive note. As a subsidiary of NOIAA Corp, NOIAA LTD will be running the activities of NickCery International Safety Training Plc in Cameroon and Africa at large.

While endorsing this contract, NOIAA LTD newly appointed General Manager Mr. Elliot Sycamore a citizen of New Zealand, expressed his level of contentment with the Department of Marketing that saw the promotion of Ms. Lesley Acho who initially served with NickCery as the sales & Marketing Lead to the position of Sales & Marketing Manager.

He went further to thank the management of Total Cameroon for entrusting the safety training of all Total workers around Cameroon to NOIAA LTD. He promised the management of Total Cameroon S.A that “although NOIAA LTD is new in Cameroon, we won’t be changing the services previously offered by NickCery International Safety Plc within Cameroon and its environs. We’ll however increase the  value of its services by recruiting experts from Australia and America to its Cameroon Office”.

About Total Cameroon S.A

More than 65 years of existence in the country

1947: the CFP (French oil company) created the CFDPA (French oil company in Africa). At the same time, the CFDPC (French company of oil deposits in Cameroon is responsible for the construction and the exploitation of a deposit in Douala which became operational in 1952.

1954: Creation of Total brand

In the early 1960s: Strengthening of Total brand in Cameroon got grounds with the opening of the first service stations. Thus, a network of distribution of petroleum products and derivatives was developed.

Today: Total Cameroon is the leader in the distribution and marketing of the following petroleum products:

v  Fuels (Diesel, Petroleum, Super, Jet A1, Avgas, Fuels)

v  LPG

v  Lubricants and greases (complete range of more than 100 automotive and industrial lubricants)

v  Bitumen and cut-backs

v  Solvents (Xylene, toluene, white spirit)

v  Special fluids (drilling oils)

v  Phytosanitary products (insecticides, banana)

Total Cameroon has 170 service stations spread over the whole territory and more than 400 consumer sites.

About the Training FIRST AID AT WORK.

Course content included:

Our first aid at work course covered the content specified in the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

It gives learners the first aid skills to help someone who:


v  is unresponsive and breathing

v  is unresponsive and not breathing (including the use of an automated external defibrillator/AED)

v  is choking

v  is bleeding

v  is suffering from shock

v  is burnt

v  feels faint

v  has been poisoned

v  has a head injury

v  has hypothermia or heat exhaustion

v  is having a medical emergency:

v  seizure

v  heart attack*

v  angina attack

v  stroke

v  asthma attack

v  severe allergic reaction

v  diabetic emergency

v  Has an injury to a bone muscle or joint (including spinal injuries).

v  The course also includes information on:

v  dealing with an emergency:

v  assessing a casualty

v  monitoring a casualty

v  where to get help

v  electrical incidents

v  accident recording and reporting

v  control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH).

 The training lasted for two days per group of 15 for a total for 4 groups making the total of delegates at 60. At the end of the training, the trainees had to take home electronic course support materials to help them practice these skills and keep their memories fresh.


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