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NOIAA upskill NECOTRANS Cameroun on Ergonomics

NOIAA International Safety Training Plc, A subsidiary of NOIAA Conglomerate, Inc. base in 6250 West Park Dr. (Suite 218) Houston, Texas 77057 USA, just trained NECOTRANS Cameroon workers on Ergonomics.

Necotrans was founded by Richard Talbot in 1985 to focus on freight forwarding activity. In 1989, port management activities and ground logistics in Africa were launched. Necotrans acquired the automotive and equipment distribution activity in West Africa in 1992 to diversify its activities. In 1999, the firm grew in freight forwarding business with the acquisition and the creation of AMT, a logistics firm specialised in the oil industry and services. In 2005, Necotrans took on Vopak LMF France, an industrial logistics project, before adopting in 2012 the brand name Necotrans, encompassing all of the Group’s activities.

About the Training

Do you know your efficiency in your working environment could be influenced by the way you sit and move your body?

Since the personnel of NECOTRANS Cameroun perform manual transport and handling in the course of their duties, the management thought it wise for its employee to get trained on how to reduce anatomical, physiological and pathological risks related to gestures and postures at work, there by contracting NOIAA International Safety Training Plc, which stands are the only reliable and accredited Centre to offer this training.

The training is an important element in the ergonomic process. The Training was conducted in a language and vocabulary that all workers of NECOTRANS Cameroon understand and was provided by a highly qualified NOIAA trainer who has experience with ergonomic issues. During the training workers were skilled across:

·         Learning the principles of ergonomics and their applications.

·         Learning about the proper use of equipment, tools, and machine controls.

·         Use good work practices, including proper lifting techniques.

·         Becoming more aware of work tasks that may lead to pain or injury.

·         Recognizing early symptoms of MSDs (material safety data sheet).

·         Understanding the importance of reporting and addressing early indications of MSDs before serious injuries develop.

·         Understanding procedures for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses, as required by OSHA's injury and illness recording and reporting regulation (29 CFR Part 1904).

I have been hearing about NOIAA International Safety Training Plc. but I would say, am so happy and honestly I am very impressed with what I learned today, I have done this same training in Paris France last three years ago and in Houston, Texas  in the USA  two years back, but what l learnt from NOIAA this weekend is quite different, the professionalism, their ways of teaching and explaining things really captured me and I will like to market their training without them knowing.
I am pleased to leave here with a satisfied mind on what I have learned. You will never know you have been doing the wrong thing at work until you sit under lectures from an experienced tutor like the one we had over the weekend. I will be happy to come back for some other training with NOIAA”. Said one of the delegates.



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