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Geocean HP - Entrepose Group Signs a contract with NOIAA

NOIAA International Safety Training Plc, A subsidiary of NOIAA Conglomerate, Inc. base in 6250 West Park Dr. (Suite 218) Houston, Texas 77057 USA, just signed a safety training contract with  Geocean HP-Entrepose.

Geocean is a marine work contractor with 30 years’ experience worldwide. They are specialized in engineering and installation of subsea pipelines coastal works, such as wharves, jetties, quays, or any type of submarine work. Due to NOIAA's recommended output, that the management has decided to award NOIAA the contract to train its  personnel in Sea Survival and Fire Fighting.

About the training

Both training took place at our Africa Operations Head Office Multipurpose Centre and Accommodation situated in the South West Region of Cameroon in a town call (Victoria) now Limbe(Victoria).

Looking at the course fire Fighting

One of the major hazards associated with firefighting operations could possibly be the toxic environment created by combustible materials, the four major risks are smoke, oxygen deficiency, elevated temperatures, and poisonous atmospheres. Additional hazards include falls and structural collapse that can exacerbate the problems entailed in a toxic environment. To combat some of these risks, firefighters carry self-contained breathing equipment.

The first step in a firefighting operation is reconnaissance to search for the origin of the fire, to identify the specific risks, and to locate possible casualties.

This was the purpose of the Fire Fighting training delivered by NOIAA International Safety Training Plc. to GEOCEAN Entrepose Group.

Looking at Sea Survival (A genuine lifesaver)

Cruising is one of the safest leisure sporting activities, and 99.9% of those afloat will never use their Life raft. However, if you are part of the unlucky 0.1% your chances of survival will be greatly increased if you understand how to use the equipment and how to help yourself.

It is a well-proven fact that, in the event of an emergency at sea, people with training are more likely to survive.

An important part of the course is a practical session in a swimming pool. Experience firsthand the problems of entering an uncooperative Life raft and assisting others while fully kitted out in wet weather gear and a lifejacket.

This course covered; Life rafts and the equipment they contain, survival techniques, the design of lifejackets, medical aspects of sea survival, search and rescue techniques.

As a tradition, at the end of the training, this is what one delegate Mr.Fonkou Tene Guy had to say; “Impressive, lustrous, the availability of personnel and their know-how. They got straight to the point with whatever they had to explain. Both the theoretical and Practical trainers were impeccable. So, I grade them 10/10. We can say there is nothing to modify with what was done. The knowledge acquired here is very beneficial as we really need it in our field of work(offshore). It’s always very important to know the different sea Survival and fire safety techniques. I appreciate the idea to have a well-developed infrastructure like the one here at NOIAA to help people in our field of work, it’s very interesting.”



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