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NOIAA Conglomerate, Inc., is overjoyed to announce that one of its subsidiaries, NOIAA International Safety Training Plc, Africa Operations has been awarded a Sea Survival Training contract by PERENCO RIO DEL REY S.A.

PERENCO RIO DEL REY is a prominent independent Oil & Gas Company operating in 13 countries across the globe. In their own words they are “an independent oil & gas company, with a balanced portfolio of producing fields, development projects and exploration prospects. Our success lies in the skill and mindset of our people, constantly adapting to new challenges.” From the ‘horse’s own mouth’ you can already infer correctly that its onshore and offshore operations are of enviable span and quality.


The Perenco Group was founded by the distinguished visionary, Hubert Perrodo, and it began operations in the oil and gas industry in 1975, as a maritime services company based in Singapore. A few years on, the Group started providing supply boats, work barges, and tug boats to exploration and production companies in South East Asia and the Persian Gulf. Activities soon diversified into tanker storage and service barges.

By 1980, the Group founded Techfor drilling company and built a fleet of drilling rigs, jack-ups, swamps barges and land rigs. After divesting its drilling interests in 1992, Perenco started building a worldwide portfolio of assets. Production acquisition of assets in Gabon, Cameroon, DRC, Colombia, Southern North Sea, Turkey, Tunisia, Venezuela, Guatemala, inter alia, ensued also followed by development of assets.

2011 saw the completion of Cameroon Rio del Rey acquisition and the acquisition of Wytch Farms assets in Dorset, UK. It also saw the giant acknowledgements of various projects. For one thing, the Social Project in Peru won the Sustainable Development Prize. Also, the Agricultural and Fallow Management Project developed in collaboration with the Native Communities of San Rafael and Nuevo Libertad, won the 2011 Sustainable Development Prize, awarded by the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy, to the environmental protection projects most outstanding and innovative of the year.

These outstanding successes and recognition bred further expansion. In 2012, the Group acquired shares in three permits in Vietnam, acquired SGA assets in the UK, just to name a few. But it just didn’t end there. They have a voracious thirst for ongoing excellence and expansion. This accounts for the fact that in 2013, they made two giant leaps: first, the delivered the first commercial gas from Sanaga field in Cameroon; and secondly, the produced the first oil on Block 67 in Peru. Briefly put, all these and more evidence their commitment to assiduity, courage talent and well considered risk taking. 

About the Contract: Ref. CR13950001

Perenco’s reputation for complete adherence to safety regulations is a hallmark of its general commitment to excellence; a reputation that distinguishes it from its peers in leaps and bounds, in Africa and beyond, on its onshore and offshore installations as well as other operations. It is the fervent desire to maintain this trailblazing reputation that occasioned Perenco’s decision to use the modern Multipurpose On/Offshore, Maritime Training & Accommodation Centre of NOIAA, based in the South West Region of the Republic of Cameroon, for the purpose of Sea Survival training of 200 of their personnel. Suffice it to note that the aforementioned center is the first in Africa, with a celebrated distinction in terms of the amenities, and the quality and warmth of the ancillary services.

The contract in question was set to run from October 2016 with an estimated total duration of 120 days at the NOIAA approved On/Offshore, Maritime Safety Training & Accommodation Center. The training is already ongoing. Thus far, Mr. Stephane Charlier, the Deputy QHSE Manager of PERENCO RIO DEL REY, Cameroon operations has noted his utmost satisfaction with the training going on. He was present during the first session of the training (October 13 & 14, 2016) and his report speaks eloquently of contentment and satisfaction. He noted, inter alia, that there was ample supervision and the structure was commendable; that the training covered the entire scope of the contract, meeting international standards and norms; that the expert swimmers availed the trainees the opportunity to build their survival instincts, intervening only when push came to shove; also that the trainees had very positive impressions about the quality of this training, especially with regards to previous training. As a veritably critical observer, Mr. Charlier went on to exhort the trainers to maintain the rigor of the training and continue empowering the trainees towards assured competence in sea survival.        



This contentment and satisfaction came as no surprise. “The management of PERENCO is very happy with the training we are giving their offshore workforce” said Mr. Elliot Sycamore, the Operations Manager of the Africa Operations of NOIAA International Safety Training Plc. He took this a notch further by saying that “We have unrivaled amenities. We are already delivering OPITO certified IMIST training and we also have very strategic accreditations and partners like ATLAS; all of which show that we are up to speed and poised for the task. In fact, for this particular training, we have deployed our best and most qualified trainers; this shows that we take seriously the fact that PERENCO chose us; and like all our clients, we envisage their utmost satisfaction.” In his characteristic style, Mr. Sycamore wouldn’t end without reminding us of the big picture. To that end, he added: “We are at the beginning of a very exciting age, the age of the learner. Companies are opening their eyes to this new style of blending learning, with an eye to maximizing training dollar effectiveness, reduced training down time and ultimately a more skilled offshore workforce than ever before. I feel privileged to be a part of this with NOIAA.”     

In the same light, Mola Chris YOK, President & Chief Executive Officer of NOIAA Conglomerate Inc., remarked: “Our vision, here at NOIAA is to take Health, Safety and Environment, to an enviable future. Excellence is all aspect is no longer a decision we need to make; for us, it is a habit we have developed. We are grateful to PERENCO for choosing to avail themselves of this habit of ours. We have deployed the required human and material resources to ensure that your experience with us is indelibly remarkable. I know that this will engender many more contracts both with you and through you. Enjoy your “NOIAA experience”.




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