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Addax Petroleum Cameroon Limited, signs a Three Years Contract with NOIAA

Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC and Addax Petroleum Cameroon Limited, signs a Three Years, HUET & BOSIET Safety Training Contract with NOIAA LTD., which is a subsidiary of NOIAA LTD., based in 6250 West Park Dr. (Suite 218) Houston Texas 77057 United States of America.

Addax Petroleum completed the acquisition of an 80% shareholding interest in Pecten Cameroon Company LCC (PCC) from Shell in October 2011. PCC was subsequently renamed Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC.

Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company has holdings in eleven additional blocks offshore:
Lokele association (%APCC interest)

  • 40% interest in Lokele – Mokoko Abana, operated by Addax Petroleum
  • 25% interest in Lokele – South Asoma, operated by Perenco
  • 32.25 % interest in Lokele – Lipenja, operated by Perenco
  • 27.6 % interest in Lokele – Erong North, operated by Perenco

The Lokele Association concession covers a total area of 168km2. There are approximately 130 wells and water injection from 4 of the 11 platforms. The initial phase of development drilling in the permit began in May 1982, with first production beginning in January 1983. There are 11 existing oil-producing platforms. The daily production for Mokoko Abana Production is 15,000 bbl/d of which 6,000 bbl/d is net to Addax Petroleum

Rio Del Rey (%APCC interest):

  • 24.5% interest in Rio del Rey – Bavo-Asoma, Boa-Bakassi, Ekoundou Marine, Kita Edem and Kole Marine, operated by Perenco
  • 25% interest in Rio del Rey – Sandy Gas, operated by Perenco

Addax Petroleum is in partnership with Perenco, the operator, in the producing Rio del Rey Association, which covers a total area of 858 km2. A total of 405 wells have been drilled, of which 361 are platform wells and 28 are stand-alone exploration wells.
Ekoundou Marine Complex was formed by the underlying Ekoundou Shale Dome. Production began in December 1978 from the S.1, S.2, S.4, and S.5 Zones. The largest producing reservoir in the Ekoundou Complex is the S.4A in the Ekoundou Central Field, with a gross oil rate of 5,560 bbl/d and an average water cut of 55% as at December 2009.
Daily production for Rio Del Rey is approximately 30,000 bbl/d of which 7,300 bbl/d is net to Addax Petroleum.
Dissoni (%APCC interest):

  • 37.5% interest in Dissoni – Dissoni North, operated by Perenco

Addax Petroleum is in partnership with Perenco, the operator, in the Dissoni Production Sharing Contract awarded in 2005 and covering an area of 147km2, from which it has been granted an exploitation permit for the Dissoni North area in November 2008.
The Dissoni North Development project first oil is scheduled by 2013. A production plateau above 14,000 bbl/d (5,000 bbl/d net to Addax Petroleum) is expected for mid-2014.

Addax and NOIAA,
Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC (APCL) and Addax Petroleum Cameroon Limited (APCL) and NOIAA LTD., which is a subsidiary of NOIAA LTD. based in 6250 West Park Dr. (Suite 218) Houston Texas 77057 USA, signed a contract today the 06th of  May 205  For the provision of HUET, BOSIET and other Safety Trainings, with  contract number APCC/APCL-H-008265.
This contract was sign on behalf of APCC/APCL by Mr. Roger Beaumont, President General Manager and for NOIAA LTD., by Mr. Chris YOK, President  & Chief Executive Officer
Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC and Addax Petroleum Cameroon Limited, took the rightful and made the best decision of choosing NOIAA LTD., as their   on/offshore safety training provider, Addax managements visited (audit visits) our training Centre three times within two years just to make sure our equipment were up to date and respected the international oil and gas standard and also IMO  norms. Addax visits to the training Centre have always been worthy , that  during their last visit they were more than impressed with  developments at the training  center and all who made the trip had a word or two to put forward.

The Head of Safety & Environment for Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC, Mr. Jean Ajoumissi said after his third visit to the training Centre, and witnessing the step by step investment put in place to uplift the standards of the complex to animate and accommodate safety trainings of international standards, and with the eyes of someone who has been in this field for more than 33 years working around Africa on/offshore , summarized their impression on behalf of his colleagues ( Sophie Tafon,  Yennict Njinyah, and Thobie Essama) who were part of the audit follow  up visit on the 21st of April proceeding to the signature of the ongoing contract in three words as ‘ very good achievement .

Mr. Elliot Sycamore the Chief Operating Officer & Head of OHSE & Training Department for NOIAA (Africa operations) said that the site audits by Addax had been good for NOIAA, as the very experienced delegation sent (by Addax) to the training center had a definite eye for detail and picked up on a lot of the small things that had been overlooked, enabling us to put better systems in place so as to help maintain the upmost quality standards for this brand new complex.” For that I would like to thank Addax.”

I wasn’t really surprised about the signing of this contract today the 6 May 2015, said Mr. Chris YOK,  President & Chief Executive Officer of NOIAA, who put his signature on the contract on behalf of his company, he further went on to add that his company has invested more than Three Billion Franc CFA, and  is still to invest more in other African countries as his company’s vision is to upgrade Africa’s standard of Safety to be like that of Europe and United  States of America.

‘It has always been my dream to realize a renowned modern international on/offshore safety training Centre, in Cameroon and mostly in the South West Region, because Cameroon is one of the most peaceful country in the whole of Africa, and to collaborate with Addax which is one of the major player in the oil & gas sector in the central Africa sub region.
I am confidence, we will be signing more contracts in the days to come, NOIAA Ltd., which is a subsidiary of NOIAA LTD., based in 6250 West Park Drive (Suite 218) Houston Texas 77057 United States of America,,. is the ever first bilingual on/offshore Safety Training Centre in Africa situated in the west coast  of (Victoria) Limbe and Bali, Douala in Cameroon, Central & West Africa sub region is  internationally accredited ISO 9001:2008  for three entry level courses to the oil and gas industry. We offer both on/offshore  training that will help you get into the exciting world of working offshore and onshore – an industry that is in its infancy off the Central, West, North, South and East coasts of Africa – as you know this regions are the fastest growing oil industry in the world now’.


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